The fantasy fun park Eiffelko (hereinafter FFP Eiffelko) is designed for physical activities, relaxation, games and entertainment, which requires consideration, increased attention and mutual respect between visitors. To ensure maximum safety and protection of visitors and to eliminate any inconveniences and risks, it is necessary to comply with the following house rules of FFP Eiffelko.

By entering the FFP Eiffelko, visitors agree to these house rules, and at the same time these are binding for all visitors.
These house rules are posted in the premises of the FFP Eiffelko and are publicly accessible to all visitors of the FFP Eiffelko. You can also find the rules on our website or in abbreviated form on each drink list.
The fantasy fun park Eiffelko is intended for children of all ages. The child must be accompanied by an adult (ie a person over 18 years of age).
During the stay in FFP Eiffelko, the person who accompanies the child is solely responsible for it. Unaccompanied children will not be allowed to enter. The presence of FFP Eiffelko‘s staff does not relieve the child’s accompaniment of the obligation to supervise the accompanied child. We hereby draw the attention of these accompanying adults and ask to consistently perform the duty of supervision and not to rely on the staff of FFP Eiffelko.
Entrance to the FFP Eiffelko is charged for children (see the current price list published), free entrance for person accompanying the child.
It si strictly forbidden to enter the FFP Eiffelko premises for:
b)persons under the influence of alcohol, addictive substances or strong drugs,
c) persons who show any symptoms of the disease,
d) aggressive persons and persons with disruptive behavior,
e) persons with insufficient hygiene,
while the assessment of the situation and facts is in the competence of the employees of FFP Eiffelko.
After reaching the full capacity of the FFP area, for security reasons and to maintain optimal comfort of our visitors, the entrance to other persons will be forbidden.
The premises of FFP Eiffelko are divided into a café area and a playing area with individual playgrounds. By playing area with attractions is meant the carpet part of the playground with the labyrinth and creative workshop, as well as a baby’s corner and trampoline. By the space of the café is meant an area with tables, chairs and booth seating, a party lounge and the Game room.
To ensure maximum hygiene, entry to individual playgrounds and attractions is allowed only in socks!!! We recommend that children wear a long-sleeved T-shirt and long pants. Clothing cannot contain metal (ornaments or buckles). Shoe boxes placed along the fence of the playing areas are intended for storing shoes. You can also use the lockers located at the main entrance to the FFP.
Playgrounds with attractions are divided according to the type, difficulty or age of the child and are marked with boards with their name, recommended age of children, maximum capacity or load capacity.
For the safety of our visitors, it is necessary to follow the recommendations regarding the difficulty of the equipment, respectively, recommended age category of children, maximum capacity and load capacity marked on individual playgrounds and attractions in FFP Eiffelko.
Because individual devices and structures are designed for children, accompaniment of a child and adults may enter playing areas and attractions at their own risk and only in necessary cases (eg. accompanying and assisting the child, etc.). Adults are obliged to respect the interests and needs of children on the playground and to take care of their safety.
It is strictly forbidden (on the playing area and attractions) to:
a)carry and to consume food, sweets, chewing gum and beverages,
b) carry sharp objects, scarves, jewelry, laces or other objects with which children could cause injury to themselves or other persons,
c) take own toys to the playground,
d) climb on the safety net,
e) climb on slides and water slides in the opposite direction,
f) run and to play chasing game,
g) aggressively play, attack or restrict other children while playing,
h) throw toys and other objects on the ground or to other persons,
i) jump into pools with balls.
Capacity of a large climbing structure – LABYRINTH is 100 children, maximum allowable weight of one person is 90 kg. It is intended to be used by children in age of 4 – 14 years.
Small vehicles such as scooters, tricycles, quadricycles are intended exclusively for children and may only be used on the designated track. The weight of child driving such a vehicle must not exceed 50 kg. Intentional driving of small vehicles into parts of structures, toys, other vehicles or persons is prohibited.
The trampoline is intended to be used by children from 4 years of age, weighing up to 60 kg. The trampoline can only be used by one person at a time. When using the trampoline, it is necessary to follow the instructions of the staff. To ensure maximum safety of children, salts, throws and any acrobatic elements are strictly forbidden.
The baby’s corner is intended exclusively for the youngest children (0-3 years).
Consumption of food and beverages is allowed only in the café area and on our terrace.
It is forbidden to consume food and drinks not purchased in the FFP Eiffelko café and on the terrace. Exceptions are foods for people with special dietary requirements, for people with allergies and also baby food, which we will warm up for you on your request.
Smoking is strictly forbidden in the entire interior of the children’s park. Smoking is only allowed on the outdoor terrace.
For security reasons, the entire park area is secured by a camera and fire protection system.
Professional photographing or photographing for journals is only possible with the permission of the operator. If you would like to take some personal photos, you can use the services of our photographer.
The construction manufacturer is responsible for the safety of the structure and the entire playground (certificates and declaration of conformity), which are in accordance with Slovak regulations and European Union regulations. The structures and attractions are regularly controlled and disinfected by FFP Eiffelko staff.
Our employees wear company clothing with the „field“ logo. Our staff has completed emergency training. Please, follow the instructions of the personnel and the information on the boards.
Upon agreement with the supervisor, for a maximum of 3 hours, it is possible to leave a child older than seven years in the area of FFP Eiffelko without accompaniment or a responsible person. However, the child’s legal representative has to fill in and sign the DECLARATION OF LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE and the relevant documents in advance.
The supervisor of FFP Eiffelko reserves the right to change prices and rules of the FFP Eiffelko without prior notice.
For complaints, grievances, references, or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact the staff of FFP Eiffelko or the supervisor via e-mail at
The supervisor reserves the right to exclude from the premises of FFP Eiffelko, without the right to a refund of the paid entrance fee, anyone with aggressive and disruptive behavior and, any person who violates the house rules of the FFP Eiffelko. The assessment of the situation is in the competence of the personnel.
The supervisor of the FFP Eiffelko shall not be liable for any damage to the health or property of persons staying on the premises of FFP Eiffelko.
The supervisor of the FFP Eiffelko shall not be responsible or liable for any loss, theft, or damage to personal property of the visitors of FFP Eiffelko during the stay in the area of the park. Detected thefts, breaches of security, or gross violations of house rules of the FFP Eiffelko will be reported to the police. Lost and found items will be stored at the reception.
In case of damage to the structures, equipment, or other property of the FFP Eiffelko, the parent or any person who accompanies the child responsible for the damage is obliged to compensate the damage in full.

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